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Policy FAQ

Please explain your privacy policy.

We do not share your information. Period.

The details: Credit card information is only retained while actually processing your purchase. This information is then purged immediately. Paper receipts are generated at the time of purchase, but all references to your credit card numbers are partially masked. This makes the receipts effectively useless for fraud purposes, and conforms to retail and credit card standards followed by most brick and mortar retails stores.

At your discretion, we can retain your email and basic login information on a secured server, which will allow you to access a list of your previous purchases, wishlists and similar functions as they are implemented.

We also offer the option to join our mailing list. The list will only ever be used to provide our newsletter service (once per week, maximum) or offer you products or services that we believe you might have a genuine interest in. List subscribers may also be offered products or services by qualified affiliated companies.

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