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Policy FAQ

Please describe your testing procedure.

As in our brick & mortar stores, customers can request that we insert batteries into any electric / electronic device that you intend to purchase to verify that it is 100% functional. (No, we don't test them 'that' way :-)  ).

You have our guarantee that we will test each eligible toy to the best of our abilities and we will respect your concerns about hygiene and intimacy to the utmost.

In practice, this means the use of medical-grade gloves  and /or hand sanitizer while handling any products (referring to the toy itself, not its packaging).  We will insert batteries into any electric / electronic device and verify it's functionality by turning it on, running the controls through each speed and/or mode and watching listening for the appropriate behaviour. If the toy is fully functional, it is repackaged and we will insert a quality control notice in the package to remind you that we opened your product and have verified that the toy is 100% functional. If the toy is not fully functional, we will discard it and try with a new one(s) until we are successful.

For example, a 3speed vibrator will have batteries inserted, the device is turned on, and then each speed is selected and observed for an obvious change in speed and/or vibration quality. Once successful it is repackaged and sent to our shipping department.

Notes: Testing is 100% optional. All items that are eligible for testing are clearly indicated on their web pages. You can request testing at time of purchase, and can even request only certain items be tested.

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